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Leah & Natisca Rain


This page has been galloped through times.

Tisca's Photo Gallery

New Photos! (7th Jan. '99))

Tisca and I in the hack ring at Orange Grove.
The lineup in the Working Hunter Class. We're there somewhere!
Tisca and I cantering during a dressage lesson.
Tisca and I trotting in the same lesson.
Tisca and I with Tisca behind the bit, but at least this is clear!
Tisca and I trotting again.

Tisca and Me

Tisca and I in our first 2'6" class at Serpentine in June.
Tisca eating grass at Kelmscott Agricultural Show - October '98.
Tisca and I in the 2'9" AM3 at Kelmscott Ag. Show.
Tisca and I in the Take Your Own Line
Tisca and I again in the TYOL.
Tisca and I at our first hack show (November), in the lightweight hack class.
Tisca and Dreamer in the pairs class we won.
Tisca and I at a pony club rally. Not the best style by either of us!
Tisca and me at the Ag. Show. This is pretty hilarious, and not what we normally look like! ;-)
Tisca and I in a tiny 2 foot class we stuffed up at Serpentine PC - June 1998
Tisca and me before the dressage at Kelmscott One Day Event.(Sarah on the left and Nina on the right)- April 1998
Tiscaand I during the dressage at the ODE.
Tisca and me again before the dressage.
Tisca and I jumping into the water at pony club - June 1998.
Tisca and I on the cross country course at PC
Tisca and me showjumping at PC.
Tisca and me again over a show jump at PC.
Tisca and me over the lattice jump at PC. (and me sitting down in the saddle to early ;)
Schooling in a friend's arena - and no it isn't as dark as it looks!


Tisca at home, looking gorgeous as always! Tisca and his ribbons at the end of a hack day.
Tisca and Red at Kelmscott Ag. Show. They're best friends!
Tisca looking gorgeous after Sarah and I finished washing him the day before a show at Wallangarra PC. (Check out the white sock!) - May 1998 (scanned August '98)
Tisca seeing something in the distance a few minutes after the above shot
Tisca having his bath ...and looking a bit odd - May 1998
Tisca with his new trace clip - June 1998
Tisca saying hello.
Tisca outside my feed/tack room.
Tisca eating - hey, I didn't say these were exciting photos!
Tisca being lunged by me (with Sarah) at PC - he was just a *little* excited!
Tisca on the lunge again... and yet again!
Tisca a few months after I bought him - May 1997.
For some 'before and after' shots of Tisca (who was skinny when I first go him) visit this page.

Sarah and Red (Simply Redmond)

Sarah is one of my best friend's that I often go to shows with
Sarah and Red getting their blue ribbon at Serpentine.
Sarah and Red jumping at Serpentine.

Other horses I've ridden

Before I bought my first horse (Tisca is my second)I was a working pupil for three years and rode an Andulusian/Arab called Solente for most of that time (there should be an accent over that last e).
Solente and I after a Spanish quadrille performance - 1994.
Solente a looking very beautiful after a dressage competition. My instructor stopped off on the way home to train her pony club dressage team (behind)
Solente and I riding in the arena.
Buddy ,a thoroughbred I also rode.
Buddy again.
Flint ,my old horse - 1996.
Flint again.