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Favourite Breed (and why) Survey Results

The results of the 'favourite breed of horse' section of Tisca's survey are finally ready (results from other sections coming soon)! Thanks heaps everyone who responded!! You can still answer the survey though, as these results will be updated.

Some of the 47 responses to 'What is your favourite breed, and why':
Arabian (the most popular!)
"Because they are SO beautiful, they have lots of endurance, and are SO sweet!" - Renee Peterson
"They are A. Versatile B. Highly defined C. Set apart from other horses due to their structure and attitudes" - Nicole
"So versatile, I love the way they look, and are always willing to please you." - Roann
"They are beautiful and fun to ride" - Stephanie
"They are so pretty and Fiery and brave" - Selena N.
"They are like dream horses with flowing manes and tails. They are also intelligent and EXTREMELY versatile!" - Courtney Gesling
"Because they are fast,spirited and pure." - Valerie

"They are athletic and beautiful" - Kristen
"Because I like excitable horses and I think they are beautiful" - Anna Gianninoto
"Because they are unpredictable and wild, just like me." - Meghann

Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse Cross (Appendix)
"Quick learning intelligence of a TB and stocky power of a QH" - Cait

"They're elegant, rare, and beautiful" - Taryn Birch
"They are so beautiful, versitile, and just all around greatest breed. In my opinion." - Jessie

"They are so pretty and they can do just about everything!" - Claire

Quarter Horse
"They make great western horses, they're not to big or not to small and I just like them." - Allyson
"Because they have great dispositions, are willing, and are strong and beautiful. And I have one!" - Kaitlin

"They can do anything =)" - Amy