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This page has been galloped through times.

Kelmscott Pony Club

Fiona and Kirri (owned by Paula) on the cross country course.

Here are a collection of photos taken at a pony club rally in June 1998. I've been a member of Kelmscott Pony Club only this year, but I really enjoy the rallies, and have met a lot of great people. (Click on the link to see each image).

Fiona and Kirri

Kirri and Fiona over a showjump, instructor Laura beside the jump.
Kirri landing after a jump
Kirri jumping into the water on the cross country course
Kirri jumping over the lattice jump

Amy and Vancouver

Couver in his yard for the day
Amy and Couver during a showjumping lesson.

Other Pony Clubbers

Michelle and her big ex-racehorse
Tango deciding not to jump
Leah (another one!) U's dressage horse having a lie down - very cute!

Non-ponyclubbing friends

Tarryn and one of her ponies, Remo, in her arena
Tarryn and Remo over a jump

For photos of Tisca and I at pony club, Click here.