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Caitlin & Hoot 'n Holler
Leah & Natisca Rain

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Leah and Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart
  • Lives: U.S.A
  • Age: 6
  • Breed: Thoroughbred/QuarterHorse/Arab
  • Height: 14.1(and a half)hh
  • Colour: Grey

Photos of Heart to Heart
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A bit about Leah P.

Update February 1st 1999

I had to delay off my riding for a month or two. I ended up moving barns to a nice placed called Full Crest Equestrian Center~ its really nice there... and Roxy likes it there~ we finally have an indoor ring and a nice outdoor ring where they hold some local shows too. I'm riding a few horses and ponies for the barn and another woman's horse that she might want me to show eventually. So life is good at the moment. i'm waiting till late april b/c i'll FINALLLY be 16!!!! *yay*!!! I'm not going to be showing on my pony until we get our changes and get her headset o.k. but until then i'll probably show in some of the local shows or help my friends in they're shows. This is my "training" year. :o) I might show in the Warrenton Pony Show and the Upperville Horse & Colt show... just for the sake of showing in something... those r REALLY big shows too... well Warrenton isn't... its just a regular Rated show but Upperville is a BIG deal... but that's in june... that's what we're leading up to basically. I just want my pony to be going good... (but doesnt everyone) lol!

Update 21st September 1998

My new pony, Roxy *Heart to Heart* and I are doing well... we're running into a few problems along the way like flying changes & head carriage, but the head carriage is pretty much fixed, I just have to work on it for a little bit more...
We went to Oak Ridge Horse show 8/23/98 & we were first in the warmup~ it was a big class considering every1 wanted to go over the fences b4 their division but it wasn't a class IN a division~ too bad tho cuz we WON it =P keke... its ok... just that we got a 1st over fences i'm really proud of... The rest of the day was fine... no more 1sts tho.. =P Then the week after, 8/30/98 we went to Morven Park Hunter Show Series... & we were 1st in the Pony Equitation.... =) *yAy* & b/c our lack of learning our changes we didnt place as well in the pony hunter division. We're still learning & she's coming along REALLLLLLLY well... she's not the same pony from when we first got her. She's nice and quiet now... =)
Our next show is at PaperChase Farms... we usually do well there so i'll tell you how it goes =D.

Update 20th August 1998

My new pony, Heart to Heart (Roxy) and I went to the Paperchase Horse show like last last last week or something... a couple weeks ago~ hehe... and we did the Pony Hunters. We were 2nd in the first course... then my trainer accidently gave me the wrong course in the second one so I was off-course, but its ok 'cause I was doing another division too... and in the flat class we were first!!! *yAy*~!! She's doing well, rite now we're working on her flying changes... she's really trying, like they're becoming automatic for her but she still hasn't quite yet figured out how to change the front AND back legs simutaneously~ but she's coming along very well...She's grown out of most of the stuff that she used to be a real pain about. She was dancy n wired for a while but now she's this nice 'lil mellow pony... it's very cute. My other pony Fool's Gold , he's back home now... he's for sale... $5,000... so if n e 1 is interested email me =D. He's living life rite now... hehehe... grubbin' 24/7~ he's such a cutie... I Luv Him LOTS!!!

Update 5th June 1998

(sorry so late - Webmaster)

My pony and I have been doing OK.... She's being ridden a lot now and we're working for the Warrenton Pony Show. We took her to the Upperville Colt & Horse show today just to school, and she was really good about it... I have to jump her like 3' this year, and she does really well ova that stuff.... she's really good about the height. We're working on her head carriage... b/c she holds it a little too high. I'm riding her in draw reins and i'm working with indirect reins and all sorts of bending and suppling stuff... i'm really trying to work her neck and i want her to be fit. She's still really really pretty tho.

Update 9th May 1998

My pony is gone, he left today (5/9/98) and of course I was sad about it, but more happy than sad, he went to a VERY good home, VERY good person, just a VERY good situation... I'm very happy ~ I have good feelings about this and I'm going to visit often and everyone will keep in touch with everyone. I'm going to be going to Magic Rose Farm, that's the barn, in the Summer to help out at the riding camp so I think that'll be FUN and VERY helpful. My new mare, Heart to Heart a.k.a. Roxy will probably come with me, they have a nice ring with jumps so I think this will help me as well as her out... I'm very excited... and I'll be able to see my pony!!

Update April 21st 1998

I SOLD HIM! I was looking to sell because of financial circumstances and because I was too old to show him in the mediums...(I'll miss him like crazy - I know I will. I might even go psychotic because I love my pony SO MUCH - but I know he'll go to a good home with someone who will love him JUST as much as I did.) In the mean time, I have a new pony. She's a large grey pony, absolutely gorgeous, her name is Heart to Heart - isn't that cute? At home we call her Roxy. We got her in April or end of March maybe, I dunno, I can't remember! She used to be a western pleasure pony, but we're converting her. The day after we got her we took her to a show and SHOWED her. We're absolutely insane...and she learnt to jump at the show, she's never been around a course, or so we assume. She did good, she was very brave and went around well. It wasn't a GOOD GOOD round, I knew we had work ahead of us but she did good considering the conditions. Then we took her to another show, she did good, but we're still open for improvements, THEN we took her to another show, keeping in mind that we haven't ridden her much since we got her, so basically most of our riding time on her was at shows. At the latest show I rode her in the Green Hunters and we were jumping 2 foot. She did well, we placed 4th in one of our classes against like 13-15 people. I wasn't sure, but it was a large class, and I was very proud of her. Since the weather should be improving soon because of spring/summer, I hope to get out and start working more consistently on her, I want her to be good! We plan to take her to more shows, and hopefully throw her in an A at Culpeper or something soon. Wish us luck!

Update February 19th 1998

My pony spent his lovely winter in PA at Magic Rose Farm. He just came back and we have lots of plans for this year. We plan to do a Culpeper Show in March, and he's gonna be clipped this Saturday 'cause he looks like a 'lil wooly bear! We just did a schooling show at Cedar Ridge Equestrian Center, and well that show told us that we need to get our butts in gear and ger ready for!!!