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This page has been galloped through times.

Tisca's Y.R.P: Interactive!

Welcome to the interactive section of Tisca's Young Rider Page. This is a very new section, so it is very small at the moment! When it is completed there will be a series of short 'horsey quizes'. If you answer the quizes correctly (more than 80% correct - slightly less for advanced quizes) your name will be announced on the Horse Lover's Through and Through! page, so everyone will know what great horse sense you have! (the advanced questions are aimed at riders who have been riding for more than about two-three years - not Olympians! - so why don't you give them a go?)

Advanced Young Riders:

A.Y.R Quiz One:
Name the Breed
A.Y.R Quiz Two:
What is wrong with this walk?
NEW: A.Y.R Quiz Three:
Predicament One: A Refusal

Young Riders:

Quiz One:
See further down this page (saddle quiz)
Y.R Quiz Two:
Grooming Gear Quiz
Y.R Quiz Three:
Parts of the Bridle Quiz
NEW Y.R Quiz Four:
Points of the Horse

Name the parts of the saddle (and associated gear):

H (hint: the initials are B.P)
*Don't worry, I'm aware that there are different words for the same thing in different countries. Also, 'H's are widely used here in Australia. If you are really stuck email me. (
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