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Brad Dodd

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Brad Dodd
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Fremantle (?)

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A Little Bit About Brad Dodd
Brad Dodd is a talented midfield player for the Fremantle Dockers. Promoted from the Rookie List just before the start of this season, Brad went on to play every game for the year until being reported and unfortunately suspended for striking. After a three week break (his two week suspension extended by the state of origin weekend) Brad returned for the Docker's match against the Adelaide Crows at Subiaco Oval. (Surely one of the team's great wins - a thriller we won by a point - I was sitting in the stands shaking with nerves!)
I have been a fanatical season member of the Docker's since they were formed in 1994, and have continued (and will continue) to support them despite a relatively disappointing season (excluding the North Melbourne and Adelaide wins), which can probably be attributed to a shocking injury list. Despite an average season, players like Brad Dodd have given me and other Fremantle supporters a lot to look forward to in the future - what more can you ask for from a player than a never-say-die attitude, a selfless playing style, excellent skills and great decision making (excluding the striking report of course - when I watched the game (a shocking loss to Richmond) I felt like hitting someone too). Brad Dodd is all this and more - he's a real Docker and I wish our team had more of him.
Brad Dodd's Links
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Following a shocking loss to North Melbourne, Fremantle coach Gerard Neesham was sacked. Although he has (incredibly) agreed to coach out the remaining games, our season is long gone and after an embaressing loss on the 23rd of August to Port Adelaide at Subiaco Oval (Show some heart, Dockers, would you?) I personally can't wait until the season has completed. Since his return, Brad hasn't had the same sort of influence as he did before his suspension. I think of it as a 'reality check' and am not at all worried. He'll be back even better for season '99, and hopefully, so will the Dockers.
What Mark Duffield had to say of Brad in The West Australian , August 26th 1998 (when ranking his top 10 Dockers):
10. Brad Dodd
Age 22, Games 19.
One of the finds of the year early who has hit the wall in recent weeks. Averaging 14 possessions per game and has kicked 9 goals as a midfielder and tagger.

I agreed totally with Mark Duffield's entire article, which listed players in danger of being de-listed, possible trades, the top 10 and player injuries. Although Brad is still my favourite player, his ranking of 10th is probably accurate, and not many first year players can say that they are one of their side's top players. Regardless of the Docker's shocking year, Brad Dodd should be proud of his efforts. (Congrats to Adrian Fletcher of being ranked as the Docker's No 1. player - he is an inspiration)

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