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This page has been galloped through times.


Before And After

When I first bought Tisca in January 1997 he was extremely skinny and had a heavy worm infestation. He was also covered in kick and bite marks from other horses, which fortunately cleared up very well. Now he looks like a totally different horse - his shape and even his colour has changed, for the better, along with his health. Of course, he is also much more exuberant than when I first got him, but we have made progress and he has settled down. Here's Tisca in late February:

That photo isn't very clear - at this stage his ribs were still showing. It's amazing the difference that a few months of decent feed, rugging, exercise and a pulled mane can make! The photo below was taken in late May, and since then Tisca's condition has improved even more.

If you would like before and after photos of your horse to be on this page, please email me. Before and After can mean skinny to healthy, fat to fit, unschooled to going nicely or whatever! I really appreciate ANY contributions for this site.
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